Last night while I was getting ready to go to sleep. The anxiety and fear hit me. It was something I know we can all relate to. It made me think of all my friends and clients here in Montana. It made me incredibly sad that those I care about are suffering to different degrees as we all try to navigate and manage our new roles during this pandemic. 

With all of this in mind – I want you all to know we are going to continue to be a solid resource for our community. Below is a list of important resources for you to check out if you’re a client or a business owner. From the bottom of my heart. I believe that if we all do our part – we can collectively overcome this immense challenge. I am always available as a professional and also as a friend. 

Farmers specific online resources:

Call our office 406-294-8226 or email to discuss payment options if you are experiencing financial hardship due to the Covid-19.

1-800-FARMERS – get customer service info after hours, file a claim 24/7 – to get additional resources, file a claim online 24/7 

Farmers Mobile App - - access your existing insurance info.

Local Resources for Business owners 

SBA LOAN INFO & Debt Relief: Click HERE 

Facts on stimulus checks: Click HERE

Billings Chamber of Commerce Covid-19 info page: Click HERE 


Personal/emotional resources:

Brendon Burchard – thinking through a crisis:

The Hollis Co. – the next 90 day plan to succeed emotionally through crisis: Click HERE