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Drive Towards Savings with Signal®


Here's what the Signal app can do for you or your new drivers.

Did you know there’s another way you can save money when you add a Farmers® auto policy to your coverage — and to continue earning a discount with your safe driving? It’s as easy as taking the Signal app along for the ride, whether on your commute or running errands. 

You’ll receive a 5% discount just for using Signal! 


Save with Signal today.

Step 1: Get an auto quote from your the Stiller Agency and ask to enroll in Signal.

Step 2: Download the app in a text link that we will send you.

Step 3: Start driving and saving money today.

It’s that easy.

Let's talk today and let Signal put you in the driver’s seat of your savings.

If you would like to get signed up for the Signal app or have any other coverage questions, call us or fill out the quick form below:

(406) 294-8226


Thanks for submitting!

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